Cards for Charlie!

There is a sweet and wonderful single mom at our church who has been battling brain cancer for the past 15 months.  As you can imagine Covid 19 is especially dangerous for her in her immuno compromised condition.  She made the decision to pull her child from school about 1 week before all our schools closed.  She and her 7 yr old Charlie are practicing social distancing HARD, as they should, to protect her health.

Being trapped in a small apartment with an energetic 7 year old when your feeling pretty lousy from cancer treatment is tough.  There are plenty of people who would step up and take Charlie out for walks or to the park but it’s just not worth the risk to her health and she’s been seeking suggestions on activities to help occupy his time.

I decided that I could make him some cards that he could mail to the friends he hasn’t been able to see since schools closed.  I hoped that writing notes to his friends would take up some of his time and help him stay in touch with classmates.  I made about 10 cards for Charlie and did a “contactless” delivery to their sidewalk.

Here is one of them:


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